Question: My friend lives in the basement of a tattoo parlor. You get to his room by going through the tattoo shop. He had me wait in the tattoo shop while he went downstairs to get a jacket. We were drunk, and, while he was downstairs, I put on rubber gloves and grabbed a small tattoo gun part. I was going to act like a tattoo artist when he walked up, but he took too long and without thinking I put the small metal part in my pocket and gloves. The gloves and tool cost less than $20 combined.

I walked out with my friend not thinking about the gloves and part in my pocket. We got stopped and searched by a police officer while walking home, and he charged me with petty theft. I had to go to jail overnight. I have no prior record, are there any other charges I could be facing? He also gave me mayors court for being underage.

Answer: Theft is the most likely charge a prosecutor would seek. There are other less severe charges that may be offered at pre-trial such as unauthorized use of property, attempted unauthorized use of property etc. Another possibility is receiving stolen property, though that is probably unlikely in your situation.

However, I agree with the assessment that you have good facts for your case as you have stated them. I also recommend seeking a criminal defense attorney for assistance or ask for a public defender if you’re unable to retain counsel.