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Shawna Bracy

Shawna became a member of The Law Office of Brian Jones in 2018 as a legal assistant. Though being new to our firm, Shawna performs a variety of tasks to support our attorneys. These tasks include, but are not limited to maintaining and organizing files, communicating with various firms, agencies, and court systems, as well as drafting legal documents and correspondences. Shawna also aides our clients by providing the means to connect them with their acting legal representative.

Given Shawna’s experience of over seven years as a legal assistant, engaging with people of all walks of life has provided her with a well-rounded and grounded perspective as to what is right and wrong. Shawna is able find common ground with our clients, prospective clients, and the assorted family and friends. She strives to make people comfortable while discussing what may be the most difficult issue in their lives. With the belief that most issues between people stem from poor communication, Shawna prides herself in being able to provide clear and concise results to whomever may need assistance.

Having come from a military family, Shawna grew up with a strong sense of pride and purpose. “If it is worth doing, it is worth doing absolutely right.” Shawna is a true Southern girl from North Carolina. She is steadfast in her want to right what is wrong and provide pure understanding to those otherwise misunderstood or askew. She spends her free time assisting with her child’s preschool, coordinating functions and activities for Ohio veterans, volunteering with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, and studying to complete her Bachelor’s degree. Some of Shawna’s hobbies include hiking, shooting, hunting, cooking, and adventuring with her little family.