Yesterday, September 27, 2021, R.Kelly was found guilty of racketeering by an Eastern New York District Jury. What are the takeaways and implications from the outcome of this case? 

First, it is important that you have a defense attorney that is knowledgeable and ready to adapt to the approach of the prosecution. Due to the multiplicity of accusers, the State approached the case in the form of Racketeering with underlying acts of bribery, sexual exploitation of a child, and sex trafficking.

Throughout the five-week trial, beginning August 18, 2021, R.Kelly invoked his right to remain silent. However, a defense team that will prepare their client to testify by empathizing with the accusers while acknowledging their humanity and therefore their flaws, can demonstrate doubt to the jury. This type of defense gives the accused the opportunity to stand their ground by telling their story – a critical part of the narrative for someone in R.Kelly’s situation. 

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