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F Warriors

Furthering Our Craft to Better Defend Your Rights

Our attorneys Brian Jones and Elizabeth Osorio have both completed additional training to become the attorney’s you need and deserve. By completing this additional training our attorneys are in a rare group comprised of one tenth of one percent (0.1%) of all attorneys in the United States. This rare group is called the “F Warriors”. This training is not required, yet on a yearly basis our attorneys decide to further their craft at Trial Lawyer’s College. Located in Dubois, WY, Gerry Spence wanted to create an environment of world class education by equipping the attorneys with the tools and weapons to Fight for Justice and WIN! With this mentality our attorneys are committed to the jury system and to representing and obtaining justice for individuals; the poor, the injured, the forgotten, the voiceless, the defenseless and the damned, and to protecting the rights of such people from corporate and government oppression.

Trial Lawyers College
868 E Fork Rd
Dubois, WY 82513

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I. HATE. HER. She’s the physical manifestation of my deepest frustration, annoyance, and disgust in humanity. She blames those around her for the problems in her life. She’s a liar. She’s entitled. She’s fake—wearing a cloak of victimhood to hide Her true motivation. And worst of all, She’s got police and prosecutors eating out of the palm of Her hand [..]

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