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Sex With A Minor

Statutory Rape Charges Carry Serious Consequences

States nationwide have criminalized sex between an older person and a minor. Initially, these statutory rape laws were enforced to discourage teenage pregnancies and to force fathers to support their children born out of wedlock. Unfortunately, these laws have penalized many people who do not fall into either of these categories, resulting in life-altering convictions.

At The Law Office of Brian Jones, LLC, we will do everything in our power to reduce, if not eliminate, the consequences of your charges. If the act was consensual, or if you did not know the other person’s true age, then you should not face the full wrath of the criminal justice system. You can talk to one of the attorneys at our Delaware, Ohio, office by calling 740-363-3900.

Laws Regarding Sex With A Minor

Even if a minor consents to sexual activity, the consequences can be disastrous for the older person because in Ohio. Under Section 2907.04 of the Ohio criminal code, it is unlawful for anyone age 18 or older to have sexual conduct with another who is not their spouse when the offender knows that the person is aged 13 or older, but less than 16 years of age. A conviction for this kind of charge can result in a fourth-degree felony and compulsory sex offender registration.

If the offender is less than four years older than the other party, then unlawful sexual conduct of a minor is a first-degree misdemeanor. For example, if the younger person was 15 years of age and the offender was 18 years of age, then the offender would be guilty of a misdemeanor in the first degree.

If the offender was 10 or more years older than the younger person, then unlawful sexual conduct with a minor is considered a third-degree felony. If the offender was previously convicted for having unlawful sex with a minor, then the offense is prosecuted as a second-degree felony.

Do Not Put Your Future On The Line

Our team of criminal defense attorneys know how to fight your sex crime charges aggressively. They will do everything they can to get the best possible outcome for your case. The sooner you start building a defense against your sex crime charges, the better.

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