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Sex Crimes

You Cannot Afford To Plead Guilty To A Sex Crime

An accusation of a sex crime is one of the most damaging allegations that an individual can face. Even if you are entirely innocent, you may have difficulty proving your innocence and shaking off the stigma that this accusation brings. For this reason, it is crucial that you have an experienced sex crimes defense attorney on your side.

Sex crime` to being listed on the sex offender registration, and many other possible consequences. Being listed on the sex offender registration would prevent a convicted sex offender from living, working, or traveling near schools, parks, and other locations where children normally are. Making the offender’s life extremely difficult to complete basic tasks.

Sex Crime Penalties: Most sex crimes are felony offenses, with the potential of up to $25,000 in fines and a prison sentence of as long as 11 years, however it is possible to face a sentence that is a virtual life sentence. Aggravated charges usually lead to longer prison sentences. Do not hesitate to retain an attorney if you have been charged or accused with a sex crime of any kind.

Sex Offender Registration Guidelines

In Ohio, the length of an offender’s registration requirement is directly correlated to the offender’s classification. Generally:

  • Tier I – offenders must register annually for a term of 15 years. In some cases, Tier I offenders are required to register annually for only 10 years.
  • Tier II – offenders must register every 180 days for a term of 25 years.
  • Tier III – offenders must register every 90 days indefinitely.

In Ohio, if the underlying offense is a felony, an offender’s failure to register is a felony of the fifth degree; otherwise, the failure to register is a misdemeanor of the first degree.

For more information regarding sex offender registration guidelines, requirements and crimes click HERE.

The Law Office of Brian Jones often takes cases that have been turned down by other firms. At times our colleagues refer a sex crime case to us based on the experience we have in this area of the law. With our firm on the case we fully intend to defend your rights as we’d want ours defended.

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At The Law Office of Brian Jones, LLC, we fight for people in central Ohio who are charged with state and federal sex crimes. Our Delaware attorneys will thoroughly investigate the charges that you face and work to clear your name. You can schedule an appointment with a knowledgeable lawyer at our firm by calling 740-363-3900.

Why You Need A Lawyer For Your Case

If someone accuses you of sexual assault or some other sex crime, your reputation and future are on the line. Without legal counsel, you could severely damage your case and hurt your chances to obtain justice. Our attorneys have extensive criminal defense experience and know how to investigate the charges that you face. We will build a strong defense that represents your side of the story in court and ensures that your rights are protected.

We defend clients who are charged with many types of federal and state level sex crimes, including those related to (Chapter 2907: SEX OFFENSES, Chapter 2950: SEXUAL PREDATORS, HABITUAL SEX OFFENDERS, SEXUALLY ORIENTED OFFENDERS):

We fight to keep our clients’ names off the sex offender registry. Registration as a sex offender can limit where you can live and may impact your civil rights. Our lawyers will work to minimize or eliminate the potential of registering as a sex offender.

Do Not Put Your Future On The Line

Our team of criminal defense attorneys know how to fight your sex crime charges aggressively. They will do everything they can to get the best possible outcome for your case. The sooner you start building a defense against your sex crime charges, the better.

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