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Juvenile Crimes

Defending Young People Charged with Juvenile Crimes

At The Law Office of Brian Jones, LLC, we protect the rights of young people who have been arrested and charged crimes. A conviction for a crime can lead to serious problems for a minor, including the inability to get a decent job, enter certain colleges and, in some cases, could lead to lengthy incarceration. Although the juvenile justice system in Ohio is generally “softer” than the adult criminal justice system, the system can significantly damage your son or daughter.

Attorney Brian Jones on Underage Drinking and Paraphernalia:

At our firm, we defend against all types of juvenile criminal crimes, including driving while under the influence, shoplifting, vandalism, as well as serious criminal offenses, from assault to felony theft. Parents in central Ohio can talk to one of our skilled defense attorneys in a consultation at our Delaware office. Call us now at 740-363-3900 to schedule an appointment.

A Compassionate Approach To Juvenile Criminal Defense

Young people are inexperienced and can make mistakes, just as most of us did when we were younger. A simple mistake, including choosing the wrong people to associate with, can lead to serious consequences. Our goal at our firm is to protect the rights of young defendants and to dismiss or reduce criminal charges. Every case has unique circumstances and evidence, and the first step we need to undertake is to review these details. Upon evaluation, we can determine what course of action will best work to protect the rights of your child.

One issue that could arise in a serious felony crime, is that the prosecutor may ask the court to have the case moved to adult court. Moving the case to adult courts allow for far heavier penalties and the life of your child may be forever altered if this is successful. Our committed and persuasive lawyers will work to prevent this outcome. We will take every possible legal action to help your child avoid a lifetime of consequences.

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