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Category : DUIs/OVIs

Can I be charged with a drunk driving offense for sleeping in my car?

You leave the bar after a few post-work drinks with friends. After walking across the parking lot, you think, “Maybe I shouldn’t drive home quite yet.” So, you decide to sleep in your car for a while until you have sobered up. Nothing illegal about that, right? Many people think they are in the clear […]

Multiple OVIs/DUIs: What changes after a first conviction?

Everybody makes mistakes in life. In most circumstances, the person can apologize, make changes and leave their mistake behind them. For people who have prior OVI/DUI convictions, that first mistake can haunt them for years. If you or a loved one already has prior convictions for operating a vehicle while impaired (OVI), you need to […]

Can I get a DUI/OVI for driving for using prescription drugs?

Prescription drug use is on the rise across Ohio. One unfortunate side effect of more people using legal drugs is the increase in the number of people who are driving under the influence of said drugs. Law enforcement is now pulling over more innocent drivers for allegedly driving under the influence of their prescribed prescription […]