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Category : Criminal Law

Coronavirus: Legal Consequences for Defying Shutdown

In the wake of the recent orders banning mass gatherings, prohibiting in-person food and beverage consumption, and closing recreation centers in Ohio, it’s useful to consider the ramifications should an individual or business defy these orders. Background on the Orders Limiting/Prohibiting Mass Gatherings, Food and Beverage Sales, and Fitness Facilities in Ohio Amid growing concerns […]

Can I be charged with a drunk driving offense for sleeping in my car?

You leave the bar after a few post-work drinks with friends. After walking across the parking lot, you think, “Maybe I shouldn’t drive home quite yet.” So, you decide to sleep in your car for a while until you have sobered up. Nothing illegal about that, right? Many people think they are in the clear […]

Multiple OVIs/DUIs: What changes after a first conviction?

Everybody makes mistakes in life. In most circumstances, the person can apologize, make changes and leave their mistake behind them. For people who have prior OVI/DUI convictions, that first mistake can haunt them for years. If you or a loved one already has prior convictions for operating a vehicle while impaired (OVI), you need to […]

Protecting your reputation if you are falsely accused of child molestation

In the criminal justice system, individuals accused of committing crimes are innocent unless proven guilty. That being said, the court of public opinion may not examine the evidence before passing judgment. For those who are falsely accused of child molestation, rumors and innuendo related to the accusations can damage their reputation. If you are falsely […]

What you need to know about Title IX hearings

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on sex at educational institutions that receive federal funding. While the goal of ending discrimination is admirable, Title IX hearings concerning sexual harassment or assault can be problematic for the accused student. Here we will explain what […]

Ohio Legislature Updates Definition of Who is Eligible for Expungement or Sealing of Criminal Records.

On October 28, 2018, the Ohio Legislature’s updated definition of an “eligible offender” went into effect, changing eligibility considerations. In order to be eligible for expungement or record sealing, there are three areas of eligibility that must be met: Eligibility based on criminal history –how many prior convictions and whether the convictions were felonies or […]

Not Guilty For Rape, Kidnapping, Assault In Unusual 13 Year Old Case In Delaware, Ohio

Our client, Wesley Paul Hadsell, 39, was found not guilty on all four felony charges brought against him dating back to 2005, including two counts of rape, kidnapping and felonious assault. Hadsell was found guilty of a lesser, misdemeanor charge of assault and sentenced to 6 months in jail, which was less than his time […]

Alcohol And Graduation Parties: What Parents And Students Need To Know…

The high school and college graduation season has prompted Ohio state law enforcement agencies to remind parents and students about Ohio laws prohibiting those under age 21 from consuming alcohol. With the celebration surrounding the accomplishments and rites of passage, we want to celebrate with our friends and family. And for some of the parents, it’s easy to remember […]

I Got Charged With A DUI. What Should I Do Next?

You were out with the guys having a few drinks and watching the game and thought you were OK to drive… It’s easy to have one too many on a weekend night out with friends… Or maybe it was a happy hour after work? You never thought your night would end with those flashing red […]

Were You Charged With An OVI/DUI In Ohio? Here’s What You Need To Know…

If you’ve been charged with an OVI in Ohio, you probably have a million questions going through your mind: I got charged with a DUI, what should I do next? How will a DUI affect my job? If I get a DUI, will I lose my job? Is it worth it to hire an attorney […]