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At The Law Office of Brian Jones, LLC, we work to get clients the best possible outcome no matter what criminal charges they may face. Our team of experienced criminal defense attorneys and staff work as a well-oiled machine to produce a vigorous and personalized defense for every client. Our Delaware office serves clients in central Ohio by conducting thorough investigations, uncovering any pertinent information and preparing intensely before going into negotiations or the courtroom.

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Why Is Brian Jones The Right Person For My Case?

You need an attorney who will not compromise when it comes to building a strong defense. You also need an attorney who has a thorough understanding of Ohio criminal law and procedure. Attorney Brian Jones understands what you are facing in your criminal case, and he has a record of never compromising when the best interests of his clients are at stake. To learn more about why he chose to enter the legal field and why he is the right choice for your case, read this interview.

Mr. Jones prides himself on being the most prepared person in the courtroom for his cases. He was even arrested for refusing to enter a trial case with only two hours of preparation. For his dedication to his client’s needs, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers awarded him with the President’s Commendation for Outstanding Service for his commitment to this client that went beyond what is typical.

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Talk to a defense attorney before speaking with law enforcement or any other parties. Our attorneys speak English and Spanish and will speak with you in your preferred language. You can schedule an appointment at The Law Office of Brian Jones, LLC, by calling 740-363-3900 or by sending an email. Se habla español.