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Once you hire our firm, you have sent a message to all those who want to take from you.
They want to take your freedom? COME AND TAKE THEM!
They want to take away your Constitutional Rights? COME AND TAKE THEM!
They want to take away your job, your family, your reputation? COME AND TAKE THEM!
But know this: they’re going to have to come through me to do it.

The Office of Brian Jones


Get An Effective Defense From Experienced Attorneys

We are passionate about defending the rights of our criminal defense clients. Our lawyers will work tirelessly to get you the best possible outcome for your criminal case no matter the complexity or difficulty of your charges. We will work to get your charges dismissed and, if a dismissal is not possible, we will vigorously defend your rights in the courtroom.

Brian Glen Jones


Sacrificing His Freedom To Ensure Yours

While working as an Assistant Public Defender, Brian Jones demonstrated his commitment to his clients when he refused to start a trial with only two hours of preparation when ordered to by the court. He refused to sacrifice his client’s right to an effective trial and the court found him in contempt and had him arrested.

Frequently Asked Questions

Advice from Brian on how to protect your rights!

Public case? We can be your first line of defense!

Are you in the news for the wrong reasons? We understand that negative publicity, or being judged by the media is unsettling. Our expertise for criminal defense has allowed our firm to be sought after by some members of the media who inquire advice or insight into specific cases. Let us bring our expertise to your case to properly defend your rights and privacy.



Personalized Legal Strategies
For Every Case

Our attorneys understand the importance of building a personal relationship with every client. We will be available to answer your questions and help you resolve every legal problem that may arise. This close relationship allows us to thoroughly investigate every aspect of your case so that we can create an individualized defense strategy for your charges.